Israel and Iran are a ticking time bomb!

Israeli Missile Debris

By Yousaf K

Amidst Israel-Hamas war, there is prospect of a larger war in the middle-eastern region. Tensions continue to escalate after an airstrike on the Iranian embassy complex in Damascus, Syria, which destroyed the building housing its consular section.  Iran’s regime accused Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) of the deadly April 1 air strikes, and US officials have confirmed the missile that hit Iran was indeed Israeli.  The attack killed 16, including two Syrian civilians and eight officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the multi-service primary branch of the Iranian Armed Forces.

Although, Israel has yet to publicly claim responsibility for the attacks, the media has reported that U.S. officials were concerned Israel did not inform the Pentagon of the strike.  With the U.S. backing Israel, escalating Iranian aggression poses a real and increasing threat to American troops and allied forces in the region.  The ongoing circumstances has compelled the United States to augment its presence in the Middle East in an effort to deter against an Iranian counterstrike.  A U.S. defense official said that additional assets are being sent to the region for the purpose of increasing force protection for U.S. troops in the region.  This latest Pentagon move to strengthen U.S. presence in the region emphasizes concern from the Biden administration that its assistance to Israel in the Gaza-war could inflame tensions and conflict in the Middle East.

The U.S. embassy in Jerusalem has issued a security alert, restricting the movement of government officials and their families.  The decision came after governments around the globe, from Australia to France, cautioned their nationals against visiting Iran or Israel.  President Joe Biden, while speaking to reporters in a press briefing, said that he expects an attack on Israel from Iran “sooner rather than later”.  When asked for his message to Iran cautioned Iran in one simple word: “Don’t.”

The IDF said that it has completed a review of its preparedness against a possible Iranian retaliatory strike.  Meanwhile, Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei vowed that Israel would “regret” the attack.  Tehran, in a statement, said that the strike was shameless as it was on a diplomatic compound, traditionally excepted from warfare.  Israel has also vowed to strike back at Iran, if it does eventually attack.

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